Friends of Haystack Rock

Providing Guidance and Support for the Haystack Rock Awareness Program


Friends of Haystack Rock supports the Haystack Rock Awareness Program in cooperation with the City of Cannon Beach, promoting the preservation and protection of the intertidal life and birds that inhabit the Marine Garden and the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge at Haystack Rock.

The Friends of Haystack Rock (FOHR) had a busy and productive 2017. Thanks to many generous private donations we were able to provide financial support to the Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP) to run their beach interpretive programs through the spring, summer and fall. Our Library Lecture series, a shared partnership with the Cannon Beach Library, was well attended and included a wide variety of conservation based topics relevant to the Pacific NW. We also held the annual Great Cannon Beach Puffin Watch over the 4th of July holiday and showed many people their first look at this charismatic seabird. Community booths at the Cannon Beach Farmer’s Market were hosted by our board members and volunteers from HRAP. We also participated in Necanicum Bird Day, 12 Days of Earth Day, and Gifts That Make a Difference in Astoria. The FOHR Board continues to plan strategically for activities to support HRAP, the Cannon Beach community, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The outcome is a strategic vision for 5-10 years from now which enables us to continue to build on our commitment to the Haystack Rock Marine Garden and Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Thanks to everyone who has helped Friends this year and every year. We accomplished so much in 2017 thanks to your generous support and volunteer time. We look forward to 2018 and beyond with great excitement!

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Stacy Benefield (Chair)

Angela Benton (Vice Chair)

Lori Fraser (Secretary)

Claudine Rehn (Treasurer)

Tracy Able

Tiffany Boothe

Keith Chandler

Craig Davidson

Lisa Kerr

Nadine Nordquist

John Underwood



Robert Bailey

Neal Maine

Dawn Harris

Doug Deur

Lisa Habecker                                                                                  


The Board of Directors for the Friends of Haystack Rock typically meets on the second

Friday of each month at 10:00 AM. The meetings are usually held at Cannon Beach City Hall.

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