Friends of Haystack Rock

Friends of Haystack Rock (FOHR) is a non-profit organization that promotes the preservation and protection of the intertidal life and birds that inhabit the Marine Garden and Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge at Haystack Rock. We do this in cooperation with Haystack Rock Awareness Program and other partnerships.

Friends of Haystack Rock is guided by a volunteer board of directors and advisors consisting of committed community members.

It has been quite the year! We’ve all had to adjust to many challenges– Covid-19, city and beach closures, social distancing, economic impacts, violent storms and wildfires. Your support has kept us focused; together we continue to have a positive impact on conservation and education at Haystack Rock during these difficult times.

Haystack Rock and Marine Garden remains a place of beauty, wonder, and solace for many residents and visitors seeking the joy and relief that only nature can provide.  From Tufted Puffins to Ochre Sea Stars and Giant Green Anemones, there is much to enjoy and protect.  Conservation and protection for special places like Haystack Rock and Marine Garden has never been as important as right now. That is the focus of Friends of Haystack Rock. 

Like you, we’ve adapted this yearFriends of Haystack Rock has continued your support of the Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP) by funding staff on the beach during the city  closure for Covid-19.  HRAP continues to be an amazing partner; their staff and volunteers have been on the beach to educate and protect throughout the summer. The Library Lecture Series and July Puffin Watch were virtual, though we missed seeing many of you. Through your support, important research and monitoring of two at-risk species, the Tufted Puffin and Black Oystercatcher,     continues in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Portland Audubon Society.  Tufted Puffin efforts now include genetic research with the goal of endangered species listing for Tufted Puffins along coastal Oregon, Washington, and California.  Beach clean-ups have been a priority to keep face masks and other debris out of the ocean. 

FOHR Board continues to plan for activities to support HRAP, the Cannon Beach community, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The outcome is a strategic vision for the next 5-10 years which enables us to continue to build on our commitment to the Haystack Rock, the Marine Garden and Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.



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Angela Benton (Chair)

Keith Chandler (Treasurer)

Tiffany Boothe (Secretary)

Chris Wold

Joe Liebezeit

Kate Skaggs

Mickey Moritz 

Myung Kang-Huneke

Lisa Kerr

John Underwood

Derek Coulter



Stacy Benefield

Neal Maine

Dawn Harris



The Board of Directors for the Friends of Haystack Rock typically meets on the second

Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM. The meetings are usually held at Cannon Beach City Hall.