High numbers of visitors flock to Cannon Beach every year. Many because of our local monolith, Haystack Rock. Volunteers play a crucial role in helping FOHR support our mission to preserve and protect Haystack Rock, our natural treasure.

FOHR – Call for Board Members Melissa C by DLMargaret Mead remarked: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Friends of Haystack Rock (FOHR) Board of Directors is looking for individuals to join our committed group and advance our mission to promote the preservation and protection of intertidal life and birds that inhabit the Marine Garden and the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge at Haystack Rock. We are actively seeking applications for Board of Directors membership.

Comprised of 8-13 members, FOHR is a voluntary, nonprofit group that partners with City of Cannon Beach and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in supporting the Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP) and other partnerships. HRAP offers an extensive interpretive program on the beach in front of Haystack Rock during most spring and summer low tides. 

Duties of a Board Member include:

  • Assist with fundraising activities (newsletter, special donor events)
  • Review project and grant proposals
  • Collaborate on environmental education through a Library Lecture series
  • Fulfill webstore orders
  • Inform readers with relevant topics to Haystack Rock via our website, newsletter and social media
  • Represent FOHR at Farmer’s Markets, Puffin Watch, and other events aligning with our mission
  • Design posters
  • Prepare and distribute Press Releases 

Board terms are three years. The Board of Directors meets monthly, typically the second Friday of the month, at the Cannon Beach City Hall from 10:00am-noon. 

We welcome participation from a diverse citizenry, including business leaders, retirees, students, educators,website, fundraising, public relations and community collaborators. New members will be elected at our July board meeting. Please send a letter of interest to FOHR Board President, at fohrap@gmail.com or to Friends of Haystack Rock, PO Box 1222, Cannon Beach, OR 97110. The letter should include at a minimum your name, contact information, and your statement of interest. For additional information contact FOHR Board President at fohrap@gmail.com.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers do all sorts of things.


What Volunteer Opportunity is Right for Me?

What I enjoy… FOHR HRAP
Where I like to be… Mostly off the beach Mostly on the beach; some behind the scenes
Types of Interaction Working with business, city or state leaders Working with the public when on the beach; working with HRAP staff when behind the scenes
Primary Focus Advocacy and Fundraising

Education and Protection


Writing press releases, thank you notes, grants
Designing posters
Website maintenance
Networking with businesses and government
Coverage at lectures and events
Data entry

Science or educator interest
Passion for being on the beach and weather resistant!
Mainaining beach supplies 


Why volunteer?

Our board members have diverse backgrounds and talents making our team dynamic and interesting. Volunteering is a great way to meet people from all over and to learn more about this special part of the world. Interest and enthusiasm are the only requirements, so let us know your area of interest!

Okay, you’ve convinced me. How do I sign up?

Volunteer behind the scenes

Friends of Haystack Rock

PO Box 1222
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110


Volunteer at the beach

Haystack Rock Awareness Program
PO Box 368
Cannon Beach, Oregon 97110